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Objects made from sheet metal surround us every day. Sheet metal can be bent, curled, punched, stamped, spun, cut, welded, or stretched to form the desired shape and structure of its manufacturer. This high level of versatility makes sheet metal a go-to material across a wide variety of industries which require some sort of customized fabrication.   

No matter the project, Superior Steel Fabrication will work with you to make sure your sheet metal goals are met in a timely, professional manner with exceptional results.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabricators

When you’re looking for a company to complete a large sheet metal fabrication project, you want to be assured that your work will be completed with a high degree of craftsmanship. At Superior Steel Fabrication, we use a process that is repeatable and produces parts that are consistent with as little deviation as possible.

We have extensive experience with sheet metal fabrication. By combining the know-how of our stellar staff with automatic processes, we are able to deliver on projects with consistent, repeatable, high-quality results with favorable lead times.

We have earned ISO 9001:208 and AS9100 Revision C certifications for our quality management system. These indicate our continued commitment to providing consistent product results that leave our customers satisfied. They also show that we are continually striving to improve upon our systems to make sure they are always adequately leaving our customers satisfied with the quality of our work.

Primarily servicing clients in Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada, we are quickly becoming the go-to sheet metal fabrication shop on the West Coast.

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