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The professional purchasers at Superior Steel Fabrication have many years of experience in supply chain management. Starting from the raw components, all the way to final delivery, Superior Steel Fabrication can handle the entire production flow. We have sourced and qualified an extensive list of approved suppliers for a myriad of services and products. This encompasses:

  • Standard and specialty metals
  • Custom fabricated components
  • Hardware
  • MRO items
  • Outside services such as:
    • Silk Screening
    • Industrial and Decorative Plating
    • Physical Vapor Deposition
    • Aerospace Finishing, Heat Treating, and Testing.

Purchasing Vision Statement

Our purchasing team is committed to a high level of service and ethics to benefit our customers.

We have long-term relationships with our supply chain partners and are constantly working with them to increase their effectiveness. Our purchasing team is committed to finding the very best value, shortest lead time, and highest quality materials for our customers.

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Eugene, OR