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Electro-mechanical Assembly

The Advantages of Electro-Mechanical Assembly in Metal Fabrication

If your product requires integration of electrical and other non-sheet metal parts in order to be completed, Superior Steel Fabrications’ manufacturing services include electro-mechanical assembly.

There are a variety of advantages that come from hiring a fabrication shop that includes in-house electro-mechanical assembly capabilities and they are found in all aspects of the manufacturing process.

What is Electro-Mechanical Assembly?

Electro-mechanical assembly utilizes electrical and mechanical components to perform a variety of operations, such as generating power, controlling systems, and performing power-enhanced mechanical tasks.

Assembly services for electromechanical devices cover a variety of procurement, engineering, and production operations, as well as numerous testing procedures.

Due to the complexity of wiring and component integration, many of these assemblies must be put together by hand. Most electro-mechanical assembly manufacturers provide highly qualified technicians to cut production times.

Benefits of Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Complete Support for the Design and Engineering Processes

Electro-mechanical assembly allows for complete support for design and engineering processes through its multiple engineering platform capabilities. Designs can be integrated through a design database and other software can be used to create custom electro-mechanical assembly.

Superior Steel Fab’s electro-mechanical assembly and manufacturing capabilities include a dedicated assembly cell which is interchangeable to accommodate rapid changes in production schedules and platform types.

Detailed Document Control

The use of multiple engineering platforms also allows for the creation of detailed documents regarding various aspects, including bill of materials (BOM), product specifications, prototyping, and testing.


Electro-mechanical assembly allows for prototyping and testing which enables engineers to test product features, manufacturing methods, and user experiences before full-scale production begins. At Superior Steel, we are able to evaluate and test the prototype’s design, materials, safety specs, and other aspects which ensures the production of quality and reliable products.   

Cut Manufacturing and Engineering Costs

Due to prototyping, the total cost of manufacturing and engineering will be considerably less than other provider’s products that do not utilize prototyping through electro-mechanical assembly.  

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