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Amada Press Brake In Action

A Closer Look at Our Amada Press Brake

At Superior Steel Fabrication and Superior Machining, one of our specialties is sheet metal fabrication. A key part of sheet metal fabrication is forming parts into their final desired shape through bending, most often through the use of a press brake.

We have the HD 1003 ATC from Amada which is a top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art press brake with automatic tool changer. This amazing machine allows us to streamline our bending processes and increase our productivity as much as possible. Let’s take a closer look at this piece of machinery and how it helps us deliver consistent, high-quality products to our clients in a quick and timely manner.

An Eco-Friendly Hybrid Press Brake

The HD 1003 ATC is what’s considered a hybrid drive press brake. Without getting too much into specifics, this means that it requires less hydraulic fluid to operate than a conventional press brake. Our Amada press brake is also very energy efficient and produces less noise than other press brakes which is a great benefit to our shop as a whole.

At Superior Steel Fabrication, we strive to be sustainable and eco-friendly, and choosing to purchase eco-friendly machines like this is just one way we try to accomplish this.

Auto Tool Changer

This press brake comes with its own automatic tool changer which drastically cuts down on setup time, which in turn provides increased productivity. In between runs, operators typically have a number of tasks to complete before starting on their next run. This could include grabbing blanks, filling out paperwork, or setting up the area around the workstation to their needs and liking. With the automatic tool changer, our staff can perform tasks like this while the automatic tool changer sets up the ideal configuration of the press brake. This allows our technicians to be much more efficient than they would be working with a different press brake.

Bend Indicator Slide (Bi-S)

Our Amada press brake also features what is called a bend indicator slide. This ensures that we achieve the correct angle with every bend. Adjustments are automatically made by sensors that take into account metal thickness, grain direction, and spring-back. This means operators do not need to “hunt” for the perfect angle because the machine does it for them ensuring that each bend is accurate and of high-quality.

Dr. A Bend

The HD 1003 ATC utilizes an advanced software called Dr. A Bend which programs the press brake. With this state-of-the-art software, efficient bending solutions can be found quickly and effectively. The software also automates bending operations which makes them more accurate and effective and eliminates the need to perform test bends.  

Minimize Setup Time, Maximize Productivity

The best feature of our Amada press brake is that it includes an automatic tool changer. Time spent setting up a press brake is time spent not making parts. With the automatic tool changer, we are able to rapidly fabricate parts at rates that just aren’t possible with conventional machines.

With faster cycle times, the whole process is streamlined while also being highly accurate. We are then able to pass these benefits onto our customers as we can provide consistent, high-quality parts in a very efficient and timely manner.

To learn more or to inquire about our services, contact us today or give us a call at 541-242-6420.

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